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THE WHAT? SantaCruzTunes.com is an online service where musicians and other organizations such as churches, schools, charities, and workshops, may upload an electronic file for purchase by the public. When you buy a song or service, they can afford to make more songs!

Our mission is to provide an easy avenue for musicians/organizations to fans/supporters who want to help keep the artists' creative messages alive and growing! Santa Cruz Tunes can help the artists/organization get started with their first SantaCruzTunes event with promotion, photography and recordings at the event. Contact us at support@santacruztunes.com or for immediate attention – call 831-252-8220. See ya there!

HOW does the service work? The Artist or event creates an account, uploads their electronic file making it available for the fan/supporter to purchase the download. The majority of the cost goes directly to the Artist or event. SantaCruzTunes.com can be used for workshops, schools, fundraisers etc.

Want to get started? It's FREE to set up an account! If you have an event, music, workshop, fundraiser etc that you want to record and make available, then create an SantaCruzTunes.com Artists account to upload your files and let your fans know during your concert or your website link that they can find you here! We suggest before the show or event you might say something like: "Thank you very much for having us here and we appreciate your support, we are recording this event and it will be available for download after the event." We also suggest using social media and links to your websites so people can find you here. Click here to get started!

If you want to listen, then click here to create an SantaCruzTunes.com Listener/Supporter account. If you want to start searching for an artist before creating an account, start searching now! Don't see them in our search library? Please let them know about SantaCruzTunes.com! Thanks for your participation.

...a note from the owner as to the Why? about SantaCruzTunes.com, I came up with this idea for several reasons. I'm a music fan and a parent. I know there are others out there just like me as I have met them. I'll use as a token example one of my favorite bands, Jackie Greene, to represent all the thousands of other bands around the world. Generally Jackie might come through Santa Cruz every other year. Being a parent first, I could not always make the concert, dang! I have all his recorded CD's, but of course, the real magic is seeing the concert. Recorded CD's are generally slick and perfect. Concert recordings have the real "heart" of the moment. "Heart" means, the extras such as the cool stories between songs, the different lyrics, guests artists and of course experiencing the real "transcendence" of when the musicians jam into "the groove." Stay with me now, for this concept. The groove is when the musician is no longer playing the song, but the song plays the musician! The musician feels it. The crowd feels it and is uplifted and transformed and carries it out to the world. A good thing. This groove that the musician experiences provides the motivation to carry on playing their message to the world. Yes!

Of course, I can't attend all the concerts on Jackie's tour. Musicians sometimes get last minute gigs that do not get published. Also, I know that Artists don't always make what is planned and could use a few extra bucks. Vans break down. Stuff happens. The tour costs more than what they make. Bands generally only make money from the one time show and selling CD's. This may not be enough sometimes to even bring the entire band. Band members have families. Some have to choose between family, day jobs and their music. Tough. My wife plays bagpipes and fiddle in three different bands. I know. My heart goes out to the band. I love the music. I feel compelled to want to help; to buy them a sandwich, a cup of coffee for when they are out on the road. I know there are fans like me all over just as curious and willing to spend a few bucks to hear missed concerts and want to contribute to the "band" so they can stay connected and help them keep going. It's a win win!

How to make and keep this win-win going? The band records their concert. Does not have to be perfect. That's the beauty of the moment. After the concert, the recording is uploaded to their SantaCruzTunes.com account making it available for hungry loving fans everywhere to help contribute to their cause from all around the world! Fans can hear free music on the internet everywhere, but SantaCruzTunes.com satisfies their desire to help! Some people like free stuff, and some people like to help and feel good about it. That's being in "the groove." Bands come to a city and make new fans and connections -- Santa Cruz Tunes' service helps maintain and build on those connections. A good thing!

Another example for SantaCruzTunes.com's services is for churches and other organizations. My mom is in her eighties and can't always attend her favorite church service. She loves her church service and is curious to hear what she missed. The church records the service and uploads it to SantaCruzTunes.com. My mom easily downloads the service and gets her "weekly message" and can still contribute to the "collection" plate and help support the church to keep going.

I hope you have fun and find this service useful. Feel free to comment on any suggestions for better service at support@santacruztunes.com. Jeffrey C Ferrell CEO

Thanks to Daniel at ITAmazing.com for making this possible!

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